Rally Connector FAQ

By Abby posted 05-03-2017 15:22


Rally Connector FAQ (Questions expand on click)

Q: I don't see the Rally Connector in the Admin view.

A: The Rally Connector requires an additional license to be activated. Please contact sales@jamasoftware.com to request a trial or to purchase.

Q: I added items in Jama Software, why are they not showing up in Rally?

A: Check the connector settings to ensure that your new items conform to any search query that may have been applied. Next check that the sync is enabled. Finally look to the sync schedule, there is a chance that the sync has not run since your new Items were entered. If you need them immediately you can click on the Synchronize now button from the main Rally Connector tab.

Q: Can I create items other than User Stories in Rally?

A: Rally supports multiple “work item” types, including user stories, tasks, defects and test cases. At this point, the integration only supports user stories on the Rally side.

Q: Can I change the field mappings after they have been set?

A: Once a mapping has been configured and the synchronization has run there are some considerations when modifying the setting. There are three scenarios where field mappings could be modified. Changing any mappings will trigger a complete re-synchronization to ensure changes are reflected. Remove or clear a mapping: If you later alter a mapping from any field in Jama Software to point to a different field in Rally the next synchronization will update based on the new settings. Modify a direction of a mapping: The new settings will be used for the next synchronization. Because the fields had been mapped before, they should be synchronized. If a change happens, the synchronization engine will synch them based on the new settings. Modify which fields a mapping points to: This is the most drastic change as it is mostly likely to result in a situation where the fields don’t match. The synchronization engine during its next run will now synchronize the fields based on its current configuration ignoring the previous configuration. When finished, all fields will be synchronized based on the new configuration.

Q: What happens if I disable the sync process?

A: Nothing will change in the normal process of working with items in either system. Jama Software will maintain the synchronization values for each item and its associated item in Rally. This is useful if the synchronization is reactivated, as it will simply pick up where it left off.

Q: How do I remove a mapping?

A: You can delete an item type mapping or entire project mapping from the main Rally configuration screen. Additionally, using the “Clear Synchronization Data” option will remove ALL of the mappings as well as any values in the system-created fields (Rally Key, Last Sync, etc).

Q: What happens when a Jama Software item that is being synchronized is deleted?

A: The Rally item is now simply disconnected from the synchronization but will not be removed.

Q: What happens when a Rally item that is being synchronized is deleted?

A: The Jama Software item is now simply disconnected from the synchronization but will not be removed.

Q: Why are only some fields synchronizing?

A: Make sure the fields you're attempting to update are NOT Read Only. If there are selection lists involved, double check that the Jama Software pick list values match the Rally options exactly (keep an eye out for accidental spaces). If you're still having problems, try creating and mapping a custom field (and pick list if needed) in the destination application.

Q: Can I synchronize attachments?

A: Due to API limitations, the connector is not able to synchronize attachments.

Q: I am not seeing images in my Rally item.

A: The connector supports sending images from Jama Software's rich text fields into Rally. However, because the images reside within Jama Software, the user viewing the Rally item needs to have an open, authenticated session in Jama Software.