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How to Add Multiple Rows and/or Columns to a Table in the Rich Text Editor (RTE)

By Carmen Santos posted 12-06-2016 04:25


Users familiar with HTML can use the Source in Jama Software's Rich Text Editor (RTE) to edit multiple rows and tables. Jama Software's RTE tables can be edited one cell at a time, one row at a time, and one column at a time via the UI. However, editing multiple cells, rows and columns at the same time is not possible via the Table Properties view.

Table properties

If you need to add multiple columns or rows simultaneously to a table, the best way to do that is via HTML in the RTE Source. In the Source, the table is defined within the <table> HTML tag, each table row is defined with the <tr> HTML tag, and a table data/cell is defined with the <td> HTML tag.


Add Rows

If your goal is to add rows, you will need to copy/paste the <tr> </tr> section as many times as rows are needed within the <tbody> </tbody> HTML tags. You can add rows above or below any pre-existing table rows. Columns must be inserted within a row.

<tr> </tr>

Each <tr> </tr> section will define a row in the table.



Add Columns

Columns are defined by the amount of cells within a row, so the amount of columns in a table equals the amount of cells in each row.

code 2


In order to add a column to the table, you'll need to insert a <td> HTML tag within each row. 

code 3

table 3

code 4


Also, make sure that you add the <td> HTML tag to ALL the rows so that you don't get an unbalanced table.

code 4

table 4

More information on editing tables via HTML can be found throughquick web search.