How to get table consistency: use Word table Styles

By Carmen posted 06-09-2015 11:37


Though it is possible to import or copy and paste a table into Jama Software that has no Style format applied, its behavior may become inconsistent when you try to modify the table height or width in Jama Software's rich text field.

To avoid that, it is recommended to use table Styles format when creating tables in Word. When you copy/paste a formatted table, the format and color of the table is kept.

In Word for Windows, table Styles can be added through Quick Styles. This option can be found under Word's Table Tools tab.

To see this tab, you need to click inside any table so that the Table Tools tab is displayed above your Ribbon. Once the Table Tools tab is enabled, you will see the Design tab with the Quick Styles option under it.

In Word for Mac, this feature is called Table Styles and is located under Tables tab.

When choosing a table Style, note that the first item is meant to clear Styles, so by selecting it you get no Style format at all.

By clicking the bottom arrow on the Styles area, you will find more Styles available.

Select a style. This is what a table copied with Style applied looks like in Jama Software.

Here's the same table copied with NO Style applied.

In regards to table's content, copying and pasting a whole Word or Excel table's content into a Jama Software table is not possible at this time. When pasted, the content is added in the first cell of the table in Jama Software, even if the whole table is selected.

For more information on importing tables into Jama Software see this article on our Community.