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Fields Missing in Exports Due to Sub Items Tab View

By Carmen Santos posted 07-01-2015 04:49


When exporting Items with Sub-Items, the fields you want to see in your exports need to be visible in the Sub Items tab. This applies to Export > Export to WordExport > Export to Excel, and Export > Office Templates > Export to Roundtrip.

In these exports, fields will not be exported unless they are visible in the Sub Items tab, even if they are visible in the Parent Item View. The Sub Items tab is critical for configuring export fields and is located in the Parent Item View, on the left.

To set the fields you want to export, you need to have the List View selected in this tab.

By clicking on the cog you will open a window. Here, fields can be selected or de-selected according to what you want to see in the export.

All fields selected will be visible in the Sub Items tab and will be exported, even if they do not exist in the parent Item. As opposed to the List View, the Reading View fields are not configurable and the cog is not visible when the Reading View is selected.

Exporting Items with Sub-Items while in Reading View will only export the fields Headings, ID, Name and Description. In the Export > Office Templates > All Items Details export, the described behavior does not apply, since the parent item fields are exported instead of the Sub Items tab fields. Also, the Office Template Coverage Explorer export, due to its nature, it is not influenced by the Sub Items tab in its fields, and the same goes for custom templates.

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07-01-2015 12:23

Carmen, thanks for sharing. I learn something new today :-) swoo