Functionality of the Relationships Status Indicator

By Carmen posted 06-09-2015 11:05

The Relationship Status Indicator, just like the Relationships tab, will show up on Items that have the Relationship widget enabled via Admin > Item Types > Edit.

This indicator is located on the right side of the Item View and clicking on it will open the Relationships tab in the bottom of the item.

The indicator's middle icon represents the item itself. The number above the icon represents how many upstream items are related to it, and the number below the icon shows the number of downstream items related to it.

The Status indicator's middle icon also changes according to the Item type.


The Relationship Status Indicator can be added to the item's List View as well.

While in the list view the indicator column is represented by an exclamation mark and this symbol will appear for all the Items that are not in compliance with the Project's Relationship Rules.

Users can see which condition is causing the error by hovering over the exclamation mark. This can also be done in the Item View.

The Item View indicator allows users to quickly identify how many relationships the item has as well as whether its relationships match the Relationship Rules.

A red line will appear in the direction of the link that is in error.

The following errors will cause the exclamation point to appear over the middle icon:

  • Orphan item: This item is missing a required upstream item. Adding a related upstream item will resolve the error.
  • Missing Downstream: This item is missing a required downstream item. Adding a related downstream item will resolve the error.
  • Out of Compliance:
    This item's relationship(s) do not conform to the Project's Relationship Rules. The error will be resolved once the rule violation(s) have been fixed.
  • Suspect: An upstream item has changed. Clearing the suspect link will resolve this error.

Additionally, it is possible to get two errors combined.

If Relationship Rules have not been applied to the project, an error will only appear if the link is suspect.

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06-23-2016 14:51

Is there any way that the relationship status red "!" can also be visible in the "reading view"?  Most of my team is used to reading words documents and prefers that view?