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How Review Center Admin really works

By Carmen posted 04-12-2016 06:39

The Review Center Administration role is assigned by Organization Admins under Admin > Permissions > Add Permissions/Modify.

Note that this option is only available at the Organization level and cannot be assigned per project.

The Review Center Admin role allows users to see all the reviews in the Organization, from a view titled All Reviews

Administrative actions are allowed to this role through the Table view of All Reviews.

In the Actions column of the list, you can find some buttons. Their function is easy to identify by hovering the mouse over each icon:
  • Edit review
  • Close review or Recover review
  • Delete review or Recover review
  • Update Moderator for review
  • Archive review or Recover review  
Note that a Moderator is able to perform the same actions, except:
  • Recover a Deleted Review
  • Recover an Archived Review

Additionally, Review Administrators have the ability to make any Review Public, by editing the review or using the checkbox in the Public column in the Table view.

The degree of how public reviews are depends on the organization's public review settings.

The Review Center Admin role is intended to give a Creator or Reviewer high-level control over all reviews, not to give access to the individual items in a review. 

Nevertheless, Review Admins can access a review's content whenever:

  • Reviews are public
  • The Review Admin is already a Reviewer, Approver or Moderator in the review 
  • The Review Admin adds themselves to the review, getting access to the review's content
In those cases, the review can be opened directly from its ID link, in the Table view.

The content access level to the items in review is dictated by user’s permissions in the project (just like for non-Review Center Admins).

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