Versioning vs API ID

By Carmen posted 12 days ago


Every time a new version of an item is created, a new API ID is assigned to the item’s old version.

API IDs remain the same, but their versioning process can cause confusion.

  • When items in review are modified after a review is published, a blue banner is displayed along the top of the review to alert to the fact that we're looking at an outdated version of that item. At that time, if API IDs are set to visible in reviews, the old version' API ID will be displayed.


  • After re-publishing the review, the current version of the item will show the original API-ID.
  • Although the latest item's version always keeps the original API ID, when versions are being compared, the old API ID is visible as a change.
  • Older baselines will also display the API IDs corresponding to the old item versions.

Changed items have a new API ID assigned to their old versions, as the original ID is shifted to the current version. 

The original API ID, displayed both in list view and single item view, is always the same in the newest version of an item.