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Jama Software Response to BIRT Report Defect: SOS-DEF-4056

By Chloe posted 03-12-2019 09:08


The Issue:

BIRT reports with embedded charts/images/tables will fail when attempting to export to Microsoft Word format. While working in Jama, the actions of:

Go to Reports > Select (BIRT report with images) > Select Word Format > Run; will result with the error message of: “An error occurred while rendering a report”.

Root Cause Analysis (RCA):

The root of the problem lies with the images within the BIRT reports. The embedded version of BIRT, which is the SQL reporting engine included in Jama Connect, requires a feature that was deprecated in Java 4 and was not included in the OpenJDK8 delivered with Jama Connect 8.31.2. We can do a patch to fix the in-house BIRT reports but, the custom reports will need a user applied update. See how to fix below.

How to fix:

The BIRT reports Jama Software supplies to customers have had a small update applied that will remove the Java dependency for BIRT. If you are Self-Hosted, please upgrade to Jama Connect 8.31.3 or Jama Connect 8.25.5, see Release Notes here.

Users with Custom BIRT reports will need to make additional updates to their reports manually. To align custom reports with the prescribed fix:

Update the output format from “SVG” to “PNG” within any .rptdesign file that creates a chart as part of the report. For example:

<property name = “outputFormat”>SVG</property>
<property name = “outputFormat”>PNG</property>