Come to our first Community Deep Dive Live Webinar!

By Chloe posted 04-08-2019 07:05


About this Community Deep Dive Webinar

As practitioners of Jama Software, you know the benefits of using specialized software which aligns your industry professionals and requirements to develop complex products, systems and software. It is important to have the most updated version of Jama Software to maintain full performance capability in attaining your company goals. We'd like to share our pre-release testing process as well as cover scenarios you may need to test. This Community Deep Dive will be a live event from Jama Software headquarters on April 17, 2019, 7am PST.

How you can participate:

Here is a direct link for this webinar on the Community:  Performance Testing and Planning: Community Deep Dive

Please feel free to send any questions you would like answered here, in the form of a comment, and we will try to work it into the program.

Our goals:

  •  A renewed understanding and confidence in the Jama Software testing process.
  •  To encourage and give you information about how and when to test your instance keeping in mind your use case, workflows and Jama Software upgrading windows.
  • Giving you a first look at our new Test Planning Whitepaper, straight from our Quality Control department.

 Webinar content:

 This presentation will be broken up in seven different parts, allowing for at least a couple of customer questions in-between:

  1. Introductions
  2. How Jama QA is set up and tested before releases
    [Questions & Answers]
  3. Should you write your own tests
    [Questions & Answers]
  4. Tips for writing your tests part 1
    [Questions & Answers]
  5. Tips for writing your tests part 2
    [Questions & Answers]
  6. Measuring Results
    [Questions & Answers]
  7. Enterprise Elite & Enterprise Essential programs; how they can benefit in testing your Jama instance
    [Questions & Answers]

Here is first look at: "Performance Testing and Planning," a whitepaper written by Jama Software's Quality Assurance Technical Lead, Michael Cowan. This paper is exclusive to the Community:

  • Read it in preparation.
  • Send in your questions:
  • Link up to this seminar where Michael will personally answer your questions.

See you all there!


04-15-2019 12:04

@Douglas, here is a link to the article: 

Jama Connect Performance Whitepaper

04-15-2019 11:43

I would like to read the White Paper in preparation for the Webinar.  How do I obtain a copy?  "Performance Testing and Planning," a whitepaper written by Jama Software's Quality Assurance Technical Lead, Michael Cowan.