Opshub OIM Release Notes

By Chloe posted 04-08-2019 13:30


SelfHosted: Opshub OIM v7.15

Hosted: Opshub OIM v7.11

Please contact Jama Support for assistance updating to the latest version of SelfHosted OIM.

Cloud users will be updated to the latest version quarterly, timing must be scheduled.

Older version release notes can be found here: docs.myopshub.com

Select the appropriate version in the top right of the Opshub Doc repository.


OIM V7.15 Release Notes

New Connectors, Versions, and Entities

- Added support for Jira 8.0


- Actual error cause or reason will be shown on top of the error trace instead of bottom

Major Bug Fixes


- Browser cache not getting refreshed on up-gradation of OIM

- Active integration filter was showing only active integration(s) without any failures

- On Integration create or update page, opposite direction mapping(s) was listed for selection

- Removed user confirmation pop-up boxes such as confirmation coming on Execute/Active/In-activate integration


- Error occurred while fetching enumeration for field "fixVersions" as it is not a part of the screen

OIM v7.14 Release Notes


- Supported custom cascading field in Jira

- Improved performance of edit integration rendering

- Edit mapping does not show the full name of the selected project

- If the project name exceeds the defined character limit, it is not displayed properly in case of field mapping

- Tool tip for configure failure notification window is going out of screen

Major Bug Fixes


- Jira recovery issue - OpsHub-012034: Error in validating polled events

- Transaction already active error comes while fetching data from any system

- Unable to map text source field with multiple fields in the target system

- Unset of Workflow transition XML not working


- Inline image sync break when user updates inline image with some text in Jira

- Jira's updated field when mapped only synchronize to the target system during source create event

Deprecated Functionality

- Using more than one XSL tag in the Advanced XSL of a single field

OIM v7.13 Release Notes

This version was not externally released.


OIM v7.12 Release Notes

Major Bug Fixes


- Integration Logs files are not being rolled up with defined size

- Viewing an integration or mapping would load end system data in advanced configuration, resulting in increased API calls and response time to load integration/mapping screen. For example, for Jira Integration, boards field in advance config, used to load boards even when user is not integrating sprint entity

- Opening OIM in browser always takes user to some random page


- Error messages were not user intuitive for user to take corrective actions

- NTLM authentication is not working for domain name while retrieving inline attachment information


- Error messages were not user intuitive for user to take corrective actions

OIM v7.11 Release Notes


- Support for SLA Powerbox in Jira

- Enhanced Jira connector to make it compatible with GDPR changes coming across on 1st April 2019. All Jira on cloud customers are requested to migrate to this version of OIM, before 1st April '19

Major Bug Fixes

-User field does not sync with default mapping when source and target system type is same.


- Reconciliation not working for backward direction

- New integration cannot be created even having a valid license in the required system

- Email notifications fail with error illegal character in path at index 67:

Team Foundation Server ALM

- Source control impersonation not working when re-migrating from migrated data


- Issue with reconciliation when multiple projects are configured

- Improve performance of reconciliation

- No data is reconciling with other system when end system storage criteria is configured

Helix ALM

- Job error coming in parsing date while reading the requirement data


- OH-Jama-0404: Requested Item is not found while fetching the inline image

OIM v7.10 Release Notes


- Automatic import of SSL certificate at the time of creating/updating system

- Improved performance for Reconcile processing

- Certified v7.13 for Jira

Major Bug Fixes


- Installation fails when manually created database name contains space

Jira Sprint field not populating after 7.8 HF4

- OpsHub Integration Manager freezes on Reconcile processing

- OpsHub Integration Manager installer drops MySQL database(s) when database with same name already exists


- Jira connector fails while writing to Sprint field, if Jira Board has no Sprint field mapped.


- GitLab to other systems integration cannot be edited due to the following intermittent error: 'Commit Information missing from Source1'.


- Doors criteria processing/reconcile performance improvement


- Booleans for case sensitive in the getUserNameFromEmail utility method not working


- Target Release Path field does not exist for integration.

- Whether a field is read-only or not is now decided based on the HP ALM API response.


- Redmine fields Priority and Status do not get updated in the target system.

OIM v7.9 Release Notes

New Connectors, Versions, and Entities

- Added support for Caliber RM 11.5


- Support for HTML field and inline image added for ServiceNow

- For Atlassian Jira and Team Foundation Server/Azure DevOps, certain inputs from the system configuration form have been removed/re-ordered. This change will not have any impact on the existing customers and all existing integrations will run as expected. For more details on which fields are removed and how the updated system form will look, please refer the System Configuration section of the respective connector in the product guide.

- OpsHub Integration Manager security has been updated for vulnerability like an XSS attack or mime sniffing. TLS 1.0 and TLS 1.1 protocols are disabled because of the vulnerability in the protocol itself.

Major Bug Fixes


- For OpsHub Integration Manager installation with MS SQL database, special character in password results in a failure.

- OpsHub Integration Manager UI gives a random error Failed to get License Supported Featureafter logout.

- Performance improvements made to generate integration sync report.

- Firefox auto-fills the user credentials in advance settings if a user saves their credentials in Firefox browser.

- Integration advance configuration only shows Selectoption for Sync Only

- SAML authentication encounters StackOverflowError error.

Team Foundation Server ALM

- High CPU usage for TFS service

- Inline image was not synchronizing when collection name contained white space in the name


- No proper error message in case of missing edit permission for a field


- For a choice-type field, choices could not be loaded in the OpsHub Integration Manager from the specified choice field and choice table in the field definition.


- Field names starting with a digit are not allowed.


- Documentation updated for target look-up fields with examples.

OIM v7.8 Release Notes

New Connectors, Versions, and Entities

- Certify Zephyr Plug-In 4.0.2 in enterprise JIRA

- Resolution of any issue got easier with ability to dump integration data to a zip. Send over the compiled zip to OpsHub support for quicker resolution


- Aras Innovator - support for current state sync mode

- Ability to manage Rules list from new UI

- Integration load time improvements

Major Bug Fixes


- If comment is having inline image only, event fails with comment body can not be null

- Criteria storage in end system documentation updated


- Comments of integration user were getting polled from Redmine and sync back to target system


- Updated connector page to improve documentation on configuring import set for reference fields

- Updated User Permission for integration user


- Doors across module linkage were not able to sync


- Comment Poller recovery issue

- Poller fails while constructing AsOf of "Epic Links" if user does not have permissions to view linked epic

- User privileges documentation update


- As a target system, synchronized jama record has been changed to some other item type then it gives an error


- Project Selection - If parent is selected then child project data is being fetched behaviour documentation updated


- Target lookup documentation updated