Come to our second Community Deep Dive! September 25th, 2019 7am Pacific time.

By Chloe posted 08-11-2019 21:00

Hello Community!

Our second live Community Deep Dive event is focused on our API Cookbook! We have noticed all the Community questions you have about using our REST API and this webinar is for you!

The API Cookbook is a living document our Product team actualized to help customers materialize REST API opportunities. We are excited to present this resource to you because many of the seed ideas in this document was influenced directly by Community activity. 

In this Community Deep Dive

Senior Product Manager, Jason Brown will:
This will be a live event where time will be allotted for Jason to answer your questions on the API Cookbook and/or the REST API in general. Feel free to Comment below and send us a questions ahead of the event on September 25th 7am Pacific time.

More information to come as we get closer to the event!


08-14-2019 11:01

Hi Elizabeth! Great catch, got feedback that this would be a better event for September after the vacation season. We decided to reschedule from the original August date. 

Will you be attending? Let me know if you have any seed questions I can feed our Product team.

08-13-2019 11:11

Hi Chloe.
The title says Sept 25th but body says Aug 14th. Is the event tomorrow or is it later in Sept?