What's New in Jama Connect 8.43!

By Chloe posted 18 days ago


Jama Connect 8.43 
is now available with some exciting new updates to Review Center and Baselines. You’ll find a few highlights below, but for the full list of capabilities and resolved issues, check out our release notes. And to see how it all works, watch our 8.43 What’s New Video.  

Gain visibility into review history

There are a lot of moving parts when it comes to reviews and it’s important to keep track of what took place, who was involved, and when final approvals and signatures occurredTo assist, Jama Connect Review Center now offers a “Review Activity” table in the Stats page, which allows you to keep tabs on major review activities such as when reviews are created, new versions are published, who revised or signed a review, and when a review is finally approved. You can also use this table as a resource to show to auditors seeking review history.    

Review Center also now prevents the ability to delete a review that includes an electronic signature. This provides peace of mind that reviews which have undergone an approval process and incorporated formal electronic signatures can’t be deleted by mistake. All reviews can still be archived via the archive feature.  

Be sure to attend our Review Center Webinar on Dec. 17 to learn more from Jama experts on how to improve your review process.   


Improved baseline management 

Several new enhancements have been added to baselines with this release. You can now restore baselines if you deleted one unintentionally or later changed your mind. Baselines can either be restored on an individual level or from the main baseline source, making it easier to pick and choose exactly which baselines you want restored.    

To provide further clarity on how baselines are described in Jama Connect, we’ve also updated the naming of baseline “Folders” to baseline “Sources. This prevents any confusion from folders that exist in the Explorer Tree.  

Lastly, baselines now have a unique ID associated with them, providing an easier way to directly access them. IDs are created automatically with new baselines and cannot be edited.