Whats New in Jama Connect 8.44!

By Chloe posted 11-25-2019 19:44



Jama Connect 8.44 is now available with some exciting new enhancements across the platform. You’ll find a few highlights below, but for the full list of capabilities and resolved issues, check out our release notes.  

Clarity in Baseline Organization  

This release continues to add enhancements to baselinesfirst by better distinguishing baseline sources from folders. "Source folders" are now called "sources,and have a green, barrel-shaped icon to distinguish them and their unique behavior from folders. 

You can now also see when a baseline name changes. Previously, when a baseline name was edited, it would update all activities with the new name, making it hard to track name changes in the activity stream. Lastly, if you accidentally delete a baseline, you can now easily undo that action and restore it.   

Review Organization and Reporting 

With the 8.44 release, you can now export review activities in Word or PDF format. This produces an overview of all of the activities that have taken place in the review and the status of each itemwhich helps auditors see how decisions were made.   

We’ve also added two new tabs to the stats page – a Participant Progress tab and an Item Progress tab. The Item Progress tab shows new information about items included in the review, including item types, average time spent on an item, and the version start and end date. There’s also a new bar chart that displays items that have been approved, rejected, or have not yet been reviewed.  

Stay tuned to hear more about upcoming releases with enhancements to the Participant Progress tab.    

Velocity Reports Now Active  

Jama Software’s product development team has been working to update the Velocity engine, requiring new template syntax for customers’ reports. The 8.44 release will activate the new Velocity Report format. All existing cloud reports will be converted to the new format and should require no action by Jama Connect users. You can check out the Velocity Reporting FAQ for more information.   

API Version Sunset Announcement

Lastly, 8.44 marks the release of a sunset period for the REST endpoint ‘latest.’ Some key things to know:   

  • With this release, no new features or bug fixes will be released to /latest (though we will still correct breaking change behavior.) 
  • Beginning 05/22/2020 (this date may vary slightly), all tools connected to /latest are at risk of version removal and service outage.  
  • Be sure to read this Community post on the sunset to learn everything you need to know