Community Greatest Hits for December

By Chloe posted 01-07-2020 13:02



Wanted to take the time to call out some of our most talked about and viewed threads and resources on the Community for the month of December. The coordinating threads are linked throughout this post, in case you want to continue the conversations. Highlighted here, our two most active communities: Support and Product Ideas. We really enjoy talking with you everyday, keep all your questions, solutions and ideas coming, we are listening!

Support Community:

 Interfaces (8 replies)
Thread initiated by @Art  

REST API Create Item POST 405 Error (7 replies )
Thread initiated by @Jack

RestAPI error message :TestRun Items is not found (5 replies)
Thread initiated by @Ibrahim

Recommended way of sharing common test steps among many testcases (5 replies)
Thread initiated by @Jose


Product Ideas Community:

Dashboard for License Usage Needs Improvement (4 replies) 
Product Idea initiated by @Leyna

Disable Electronic Signatures (5 replies)
Product Idea initiated by @Steve

Here are some of the most used blogs and resources for the month of December:

How to Add Mulitiple Rows and/or columns to a table in the RTE

How to Velocity Dates with dateTool​

Standard channel (Self-Hosted) Release Notes

REST API Education section

Managing diagrams from Visio (or any other diagraming tool