Jama Connect 8.46 Cloud Release Notes

By Chloe posted 01-16-2020 09:37


Jama Connect 8.46 Cloud

Release date AU/US/EMEA: 2020/01/17

New signature identifier in baselines

  • Baselines that have signatures have a new icon in the baseline explorer, making it easier to identify which baselines/reviews have one or more signatures applied.
  • Baselines with a signature can no longer be deleted. The signatures must be revoked first.
  • If the source for a baseline has been deleted from the project, users trying to create a new baseline or review from the baseline explorer will receive a message explaining that the source has been deleted. 

New comment chart in reviews

Open comments by comment type can now be seen from the Review Center Stats Item Progress tab:

Consistency updates to license usage chart

The chart displaying float creator use within the administration module has been updated to address errors in the display of dates and adjusted to show content in UTC to remove confusion when comparing usage across time zones. The times indicate UTC and the user's offset to UTC is indicated in the description below the chart.


Updates from customer feedback

  • Filter logic has a "NONE" option in addition to applying "ALL" and "ANY" of the filter conditions to create the results set. 
  • The options to Delete in Risk Management Center have been changed to "Delete rows" and "Delete analysis" to avoid confusion for Moderators and Risk Administrators. When a Moderator goes to delete a risk analysis, the focus is placed on the cancel button versus the delete confirmation to avoid inadvertent deletion of an analysis. 

Resolved issues

SOS-DEF-450      Administration: License detail graph is showing incorrect date. (SOS-BUG-553)
SOS-DEF-4484    Reviews are closing prematurely
SOS-DEF-4531    Security - XSS cross scripting issue
SOS-DEF-4534    SAML eSignature: unhelpful user message, needs clarity and direction to check for popup blocker
SOS-DEF-4557    List view filtering menus "view all" option only displaying a maximum of 10 results
SOS-DEF-4584    Getting versions for items via REST API causes spike in CPU utilization

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