Jama Connect 8.47 Cloud Release Notes

By Chloe posted 02-12-2020 09:59


Jama Connect 8.47 - Cloud

Release date AU/US/EMEA: 2020/02/14

Review Center usability improvements 

 This release introduces changes to the Review Center header, which offers streamlined workflows and improved usability.

  1. Review participants now see their individual status in the header, instead of the bottom left corner of the Filter/TOC panel. A public user's status, "In Progress" or "Finished" no longer appears in the review header.

  2. Views are now consolidated into a single drop-down menu: 

    • Review

    • Compare

    • Stats

    • Feedback

  3. For Approvers and Reviewers, the "Finish" button now appears in the top right next to the Actions menu instead of the Filter/TOC panel. Since this is the primary way to finish a review, we removed the option to finish the review from the Actions menu. Participants can still finish a review by reviewing and approving all items in the review, and clicking the "Finish Review" button in the blue bar.

  4. For Moderators with dual responsibilities, the review role toggle is now displayed in the header instead of the bottom left corner of the Filter/TOC panel.

  5. Changes to the style of the progress bar, highlighting toggle, and View drop-down menu creates a more consistent experience with the rest of Jama Connect. 


Consistent editing of items

The pop-up modal that appears after clicking the Edit button was removed to align with inline editing options (double-clicking or selecting the pencil icon).  


Updates from customer feedback

This release adds the option to include images in the Test Run results column during test execution. 


This release adds the ability to create a Trace View from the list generated by selecting "#downstream" or "#upstream" links.

1. Following the relationship could link to a filter for either upstream or downstream items.


2. Click the Trace View button to generate a Trace View from that filtered list. 

This release adds the option to restore deleted Test Cycles from the Activity Stream.

Resolved issues

ID Resolution

When working in the Review Center, highlights no longer disappear when editing highlights text before publishing new revisions. 

SOS-DEF-4595 Word templates containing VBA macros now successfully export. 

In some cases, text entered in the rich text editor using full-screen mode wouldn't save when a session timed out. This release resolves this issue.  


An error no longer appears when accessing a project if the dashboard's Activity Stream widget has "Baselines" selected in the Activity Filter settings.


In some cases, upgrading Jama Connect 2015.x or earlier to Jama Connect 8.x caused dates to update without editing due to a UTC change. This release resolves this issue. 

SOS-DEF-4623 You can now successfully import relationships when migrating from
IBM Rational DOORS.


Known issues

Known Issue in Test Center: With Chrome v.80 (the latest as of 2/04/20) the test steps will not render correctly in the test execution window. Users may temporarily see missing step borders and misaligned or hidden information. Users can resize the window and the test step table will show up correctly. If possible, please avoid updating to Chrome v.80 until the fix is released in Jama Connect 8.48.

Your Product Ideas from the Community are making an impact, don't miss the Updates From Customer Feedback section!

Known issues in 8.47


02-21-2020 02:41

Hi Elizabeth,

See screenshot on notifying using the new inline edit functionality... hope that helps. Cheers!


02-20-2020 09:11

With the removal of the edit modal, how do you notify individuals about changes along with user comments related to the change?

02-20-2020 05:52

Hi Anja,

Can you please try to log out, clear the cache and cookies, refresh browser, log back in and see it that solved the issue in both browsers affected?

Thank you!

02-19-2020 05:57

Our end users have found out that the test run format buttons make the view very messy and long.  Similar view with Chrome and Firefox
Test run step editing

Should this really be like this?

---- Note: Guidance provided by Carmen worked, Thanks.

02-14-2020 10:14

Hey Devang,

Thanks for reaching out. I can help with your question.

The reason we called this out is previously public users had a "My status" in reviews that they went into, but that status would say "In progress" or "Finished". What was strange about this, is the statuses were being displayed based off of the review status and not the public user's status. Public users can access a review, but can only see content and comment - they cannot review/approve (no checks or rejects available) and don't show up in the Stats page. As a result, we removed the "My status" for these users as this was causing confusion.

I hope this helps clarify things a bit. Please let me know if you have any other questions.


02-13-2020 01:12

Firstly, thanks for these detailed release notes. They are very helpful in communicating additions/changes to our Jama user base.
  1. Under the Review Center improvements, in point 1, I see this statement "A public user's status, "In Progress" or "Finished" no longer appears in the review header." I am confused what you mean by it. Could you please clarify?