Jama Connect 8.48 Cloud Release Notes

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Jama Connect 8.48 Cloud

Release date AU/US/EMEA: 2020/03/13

Baseline usability improvements

Organization and project administrators now have the flexibility to organize their baseline tree using the enhancements in this release.

Create, edit, and delete baseline folders

  • Create a folder at the root level:
    • From the Add drop-down menu, select Add Folder

  • Right-click on the folder, select Add Folder.
  • Rename a folder: right-click on the folder and select Edit

       Note: Only empty folders can be deleted. 

Edit the name of a baseline source

  • Right-click on the baseline source and select Edit source.

Drag and drop baseline sources and folders 

  • Move baseline sources from one location in the tree to another, from the root level to a folder, and between folders. 
  • Re-order baseline folders at the root level or inside a folder. 

You can't edit a baseline that has been signed, whether manually or in a review. 

Risk usability improvements

When a risk administrator removes all fields from a section in a risk template, the section header and risk analyses no longer appear in that template. Also, the section itself is no longer visible to users when they view definitions in the risk analysis. 

Note: The Adjust Rankings section is an exception to this rule. If you enable a ranking field before mitigation, the section is still displayed. 

Jama Connect User Guide improvements

Thumbnail and lightbox images

Applying the thumbnail and lightbox feature to images reduces the impact of many large images so you can focus on the content. We've applied this option throughout the guide, particularly in topics with a lot of screenshots or when the screenshot is tucked inside a note. Select the image to enlarge it. 

Updates from customer feedback

  • Velocity reports now include a stack trace for faulty code, which improves troubleshooting when you build reports.
  • When you relate items, container items in the Explorer Tree (sets, components) are displayed as gray icons when all items within aren't relatable.  
  • When you click Refresh Explorer, the Explorer Tree now maintains expanded components, sets, and folders. 
  • When viewing the Test Runs in a cycle table, the Test Case column now shows the ID in front of the name.
  • Admin tables, including the item type table, now have alternating row colors for improved readability. 
  • Tags are now visible in List View. Note that they are not exportable.
  • When you hover over an item's icon in the Explorer Tree, the item's type and full name are now displayed. 

Resolved issues




In Reading or List View, relationship rules no longer break when using the "Relate to existing" action. 


In Trace View, the configured label appears instead of the default label. 


Exporting from Microsoft Word now correctly saves settings from the template. 


Row highlighting in Risk Management now highlights the entire row. 


Upstream items are now correctly displayed as upstream relationships in the "All Item Details" report. 


When using Google Chrome 79 and 80, Microsoft Internet Explorer and Edge browsers, the correct icons are now displayed in the Results column in the Test Run execution window. 


You can now select multiple steps when executing a Test Run. 

Known issues

Messages aren't appearing in the activity stream when baseline folders are created. This issue will be corrected in the 8.49 cloud release. To see activity prior to 8.48, you must re-index each project after you upgrade to 8.49.

Users with 80,000+ baselines in a single project will not maintain the current order of the baselines.

Product Ideas from the Community are making an impact, don't miss the Updates From Customer Feedback section!

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