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By Chloe posted 7 days ago


Hello everyone, I wanted to highlight the most liked and replied to (so far) Jama Community threads 2020! There are two main ways we weigh and quantify your interest in the Community; likes and thread responses. The threads below represent the top ten “liked” and “replied” to threads this year.


Most liked Content this year:

Mid-level Administration 9 likes

Display stack trace of broken Velocity reports in the generated document 4 likes 

Manage Project permissions should allow for unlocking other user's items (shouldn't require Org admin permission) 4 likes

easy access to filters 4 likes

Data Exchange Build 3.0.0 3 likes

Quick Filter applied at Search Bar 3 likes 

Review Centre frequency of email notifications 2 likes

Persist List View field configuration 2 likes 

When setting 'REVIEWS' view and filters, they should be remembered when updating/returning to page 2 likes

Linked Glossary 2 likes
Note: Product Idea from 2015, has 26 replies over the life and 8 overall likes; 2 of these just this year!


Most replied to threads this year: 

Export does not consider the filtering criteria 14 replies 

Review Center 14 replies 

Missing Test Plan 9 replies

Word export fails after one of the recent updates 9 replies

Configure the Exports 9 replies

Test Plan: if a test case was removed from a test group under Test Cases, how to get rid of the generated test runs which are associated and removed test case? 8 replies

Import from word 8 replies

Velocity Report How to rotate text in Word table header 7 replies 

How to Edit My Comment 7 replies 

Easy access to filters 6 replies

How can I participate?:

We are always hoping that you do participate, many of these threads have multiple Community member responses filled with great suggestions and use cases, let’s make sure your voice is heard. If any of these resonate with you; log into the Community and “reply” to the thread and/or “like” a response. Also, there are many threads, not on this list, which could use more “likes” and “replies” out there. Better yet, create your own posts! 

As always, reach out to me if you have any questions.