Jama Connect 8.49 Cloud Release Notes

By Chloe posted 04-15-2020 11:52


Jama Connect 8.49 Cloud

Release date AU/US/EMEA: 2020/04/17

Baseline search and usability improvements

Use the new baseline search feature to find a source or baseline. Keep the number of project baselines and sources under 14,000 to maintain efficient search performance. 

When you type a search request, the results are highlighted so you can find them easily. 



When you clear the search field, the results from the previous search are expanded and highlighted in the baseline tree. 



When you create a folder or baseline, it is highlighted in the baseline tree. Selecting the baseline ID in the activity stream highlights the baseline and expands the source. 



Filtering improvements in reviews

This release introduces a new filter-and-find experience for reviewers. 

From the review header, select Filter to open the filter panel, which now slides out from the left.



When you select filters, the active filters appear in a bar under the review header. 


Updates to filters 

When you select multiple filters, the workflow is the same as other areas of Jama Connect with multi-select filters. 


New filters allow moderators and power users to take action on the items that matter most—items that are potentially holding up review progress:

  • Items with open comments
  • Items with closed comments
  • Items with comments in a specific version
  • Items with comments by a specific participant


When filters are selected:

  • The number of items that match the filter criteria update dynamically. 
  • A subsequent find search can be performed based off the filtered items. 
  • Reviewers can navigate to different areas of the review workspace without losing their filter or search selection. For example, if you make a filter selection and go to another view, your filter selection is saved when you navigate back to the review. 

Note: Filtering does not persist across user sessions or browser refreshes.


    The Search/TOC tab that was part of the filter panel is now called Find. The default for this panel is the table of contents. 


    When you select an item from the search results or table of contents, the item is selected and outlined in blue.

    • Previously, the highlight appeared only briefly, making it difficult to track the results. 
    • The outline goes away when you click outside it.
    • You can now scroll without the outline disappearing.


    Highlighting improvements in reviews


    Highlights are now specific to the selected revision


    When highlighting is enabled, the highlights shown are specific to the revision that is selected in the review header. This allows viewers quickly to identify new comments and remove the noise from previous comments. 


    Please note, when highlighting is disabled the reviewer can't highlight content in the review reading view. Previously, a reviewer could make highlights but they disappeared after saving the comment.

    Highlighting workflow and navigation tips

    A reviewer can now:

    • Use the tab key to move between highlighted items.
    • Open the Comments modal for the highlight by pressing Enter or the space bar.
    • Close the Comments modal by pressing Escape.

    Additional colors were added to improve the readability of highlighted content. A darker shade of yellow appears when a reviewer hovers or tabs between highlighted items or overlapping highlights. 



    Updates from customer feedback

    • Added type-ahead search to single and multi-select fields in Single Item View.

    • For test cases with images included in the test steps, images can now expand to a lightbox view.  
    • Updated the signature meaning for electronic signatures from "I approve this review" to "I approve the content of this review."
    • A reviewer can now transition to the compare view from V1 of a review with multiple revisions. No changes to the behavior of the compare view have been made—the compare view always loads the most recent revision compared to the next previous revision.


    Resolved issues

    ID Resolution
    SOS-DEF-1340 In the review Single Item View, related items now successfully update when switching between items.
    SOS-DEF-2660 In some cases, an error appeared when accessing reviews. This release resolves this issue. 
    SOS-DEF-4202 When a baseline folder is created, a message now appears in the activity stream.
    SOS-DEF-4256 Rest API now allows items to be related when “Allow relationships with item types not in this rule” is enabled and any combination of rules are set.
    SOS-DEF-4558 You can now delete date fields in an item using inline edit mode. 
    SOS-DEF-4693 In some cases, closing a review produced a Minified React error #185 message. This release resolves this issue. 
    SOS-DEF-4705 Replicated startup scripts no longer cause permissions to reset when a file is placed in the wrong location. 
    SOS-DEF-4708 Creating a new baseline folder is no longer blocked by the "Add folder" pop-up window. 

    Exporting a review no longer includes deleted comments. 


    Relationship rules are recognized when adding the "Related item" relationship type to a project.  

    SOS-DEF-4713 In some cases, deleted items didn't appear in reports because of permission checks. This release resolves this issue.




    04-23-2020 08:58

    Thanks Anja, we are glad you like what you are seeing! I will make sure to pass along this comment. For even more visibility, feel free to make a Product Idea about this as well.

    04-19-2020 23:06

    About the "Added type-ahead search to single and multi-select fields in Single Item View." I was looking forward to see this but now this is implemented only in editing view and not in create item view.  Hope this will be implemented there asap too.