Jama Connect 8.50 Cloud Release Notes

By Chloe posted 05-06-2020 07:23


Release date AU: 2020/05/08
Release date US/EMEA: 2020/05/08


Updates to baseline permissions 

  • Organization and project administrators can edit the name and description of a signed baseline.


Updates from customer feedback

  • From the Organization Details page, administrators can generate equation images as PNG or SVG files using the WIRIS MathType editor.  


Resolved issues

ID Resolution
SOS-DEF-4064 The logout timer now works as designed.


When updating existing items with round-trip imports, the system will stop the import and alert the user when there are two rows in Excel that refer to the same API ID. 


Items locked by the user or systems are now correctly duplicated. 


SOS-DEF-4242 Using the Rich Text Editor to copy and paste larger images now finishes successfully. 
SOS-DEF-4310 Relationships: Editing of relationships does not respect relationship rules