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Jama Connect 8.49.1 Self-Hosted, hotfix

By Chloe Elliott posted 07-02-2020 11:27


This patch release has been superseded by 8.49.3.

Release date AU/US/EMEA: 2020/06/24

This patch release addresses a security configuration in our self-hosted deployment configuration. The only change in this patch is to the configuration scheme, there are no other code changes to the actual Jama application. We are trying to limit the change management impact with this patch release.

Notes for Self-Hosted Administrators

  • This release requires Replicated version 2.42.5.
  • This release requires that specific Replicated network interface configuration options are set when installing or upgrading.
  • The provided installation script ensures that the correct version of Replicated is installed and automates the network interface configuration described above. We recommend running the installation script instead of using the manual installation or upgrade method.

Notes for Installation and Upgrades Using the Provided Installation Script (RECOMMENDED)

    • Run the following 'curl' command to install using the provided install script*
curl -sSL "" | sudo bash

Once script has finished running, navigate to the Admin Console and follow the standard upgrade procedures.

Notes for Installation on RHEL or Airgap/Proxied Environments
If you are installing on a Red Hat environment or in an Airgapped/proxied environment, follow the instructions listed here for the best installation experience.

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07-09-2020 05:35

We upgraded our Jama today from 8.36.4 to 8.49.1.
I followed the instructions and was a little bit concerned when the following appeared after I clicked on install 8.49.1:

After the update finished another update was automatically triggered to 8.49.1.
This was not described here - I hope that this is the intended behaviour though.