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Jama Connect 8.49.2 Self-Hosted, hotfix

By Chloe Elliott posted 07-27-2020 16:24


8.49.2 has been superseded by 8.49.3

Release date AU/US/EMEA: 2020/07/28

This patch release resolves issues from additional permissions that adversely affected reporting performance and incorrectly hid data. Additionally, an issue to the Baseline Compare report was addressed where relationships were not being included.


Self-hosted organization administrators now have the ability to selectively extend permission checking for specific custom reports. 


Notes for Self-Hosted Administrators

  • This release requires Replicated version 2.42.5 or later.
  • This release requires that specific Replicated network interface configuration options are set when installing or upgrading.
  • The provided installation script ensures that the correct version of Replicated is installed and automates the network interface configuration described above. We recommend running the installation script instead of manually updating these configurations. 

Notes for Installation and Upgrades Using the Provided Installation Script (RECOMMENDED) (Non-Airgap & Non-Red Hat Environments)

  • Run the following 'curl' command to install using the provided install script*
curl -sSL "" | sudo bash
  • Once script has finished running, navigate to the Admin Console and follow the standard upgrade procedures.

Notes for Installation on RHEL or Airgap/Proxied Environments:
If you are installing on a Red Hat environment or in an Airgapped/proxied environment, follow the instructions listed here for the best installation experience.


Resolved Issues 

ID Resolution
SOS-DEF-4433 Review Center: Review Center Admin users can now access Public Review when they have permissions to all Items in Review.
SOS-DEF-4626 Review Center: Public option "only those with permission to ALL items in the Review" permission issues resolved for read only users when items are changed/deleted.
SOS-DEF-4884 Reports:  Baseline Comparison report now exports the "Created By" field for non Org Admins.
SOS-DEF-4886 Reports:  Baseline Compare report now accurately exports relationships.
SOS-DEF-4888 Velocity Reports:  Permission check performance improved when "Allow all data to be reported on regardless of user permission" option is selected.
SOS-DEF-4893 Velocity Reports:  Permission checking now defaults to OFF.