Jama Connect 8.53 Cloud Release Notes

By Chloe posted 08-05-2020 07:44


Release date AU: 2020/08/07
Release date US/EMEA: 2020/08/07   


Configure review comments to appear in your project

Comments made during a review can now be configured to appear in the project view for that item. When enabled by the administrator, review moderators can — for each review — allow comments to be displayed for the item in that project. Comments are visible as they are made and during the review, and remain after the review is closed.   

This option needs to be enabled in two places for it to take effect. The administrator must enable it in the Review Center Settings and moderators must enable it when they create a review.


Review Center Settings: 


Initiate review settings: 


Project Single Item View:


Enhanced text highlighting in reviews

Scanning comments in reviews is now easier, thanks to new colors representing the comment's state. Yellow = open; green = resolved; and red = rejected. When you select a highlighted comment, the remaining highlighted comments temporarily change to gray, so you can focus on the selected comment.



Updates from customer feedback

  • Adjust row height Ability to adjust the line height in List View, enabling word wrap. The page might take a few seconds to load when multiple columns are being re-aligned to wrap the text. 




  • Configure custom fields to appear when executing a Test Run — Add fields to the Test Run item type to have access to them when executing a Test Run. 

Example: Add a test field to capture the serial number for a product being tested.


  • Update to @mention — Suggested names are now limited to the users within the project.


TFS and Jira connectors have been removed from Admin 

The TFS and Jira connectors, which were previously announced as coming to end of life in April 2019, have now been removed from the Admin section.  


Resolved issues

ID Description
SOS-DEF-2609 In reports, the mail merge tag "TableStart:STEPS" no longer causes HTML to export with test case steps. 
SOS-DEF-2635 The jamacore container entry script no longer throws an exception when it parses trusted certificate .pem files that contain zero-width, no-break spaces. 
SOS-DEF-2958 When you create an export with mail merge codes, items in tables are now exported in the correct order. 
SOS-DEF-4241 The Synchronized Items widget no longer causes performance issues. 
SOS-DEF-4275 All selected fields are now included when you export to Word from List View.
SOS-DEF-4831 Test Run exports to Word no longer contain HTML code in Test Steps and images are now rendered correctly. 
SOS-DEF-4853 The Velocity engine now successfully retrieves relationship types from baselines. 
SOS-DEF-4888 Velocity report permission checks are now processed significantly faster when the "permissionsOff" report parameter is enabled.

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08-12-2020 16:02

For the new review center option, can we have it changed to be a default that moderators can disable? Right now they have to enable it in every review. I think the default of enabled would be better, and more consistent with how the new setting has been described under admin.