Jama Connect 8.55 Cloud Release Notes

By Chloe posted 09-23-2020 07:40


Release date AU: 2020/09/26
Release date US/EMEA: 2020/09/25  


Baseline improvements 

This release adds the ability to show or hide IDs for sources, baselines, and folders in the baseline tree. When the IDs are visible, you can search for them using the baseline search box.

You can now see the relationships that were established at the time a baseline was taken. For example, if you relate one item to another item and the first item is baselined, you can view the corresponding data from the related item. 


Expand Show related items, then select the item's link. The details are displayed in the panel that opens. 

Administration improvements

This release introduces usability improvements and enhanced auditing capabilities for Jama Connect administrators. 

Simplified project administrator access

We reduced clutter and streamlined the Project menu, which no longer includes the following options: 

  • Add Project
  • Configure Project
  • Manage All Projects

All admins — project and organization — now use Admin in the header to access administrator tasks.

Select Admin to access the Project tab.

Organization Admin Activity stream

Organization administrators now have the ability to monitor user updates and process details. Activities are created for changes to item types, pick lists, users, permissions, and more. 

Events that appear in the stream are based on activity from the Organization tab. We plan to add support for project activities in the future.  

As organization administrator, click the Activity stream button on the right side of the content header to view the new activity stream. 

Need to find something quickly? 

Search for activities by entering the search term, like the name of a pick list or the user who performed the action.

Updates from customer feedback

In Single Item View, you can now generate a Trace View from View > Trace View.

Resolved issues

ID Description

New items are now locked when you work in the "Add item" window. 


A review moderator with Project Administrator permissions can now assign the signer role. 


Support enabled option per report to address exporting an item from a Word or PDF document and the item has more than one table, the lower border of the table now appears.


When importing test steps from an Excel round trip, a duplicate API error no longer occurs. 


You can now access or update reviews associated with a baseline, even if a a baseline is missing a baseline tree node. 


Exporting from Trace View now works as designed. 


When an action is included in a stream comment, the email is successfully sent to the recipient. 


The workflow override option is now available to Project Administrators.