Release Notes and Announcements

Jama Connect 8.56 Cloud Release Notes

By Chloe posted 11-04-2020 10:25


Release date AU: 2020/11/06
Release date US/EMEA: 2020/11/06


Increased security

Jama Software has increased security for our Cloud customers. To protect users, we now offer virus scanning when you upload attachments.


Updates from customer feedback

Admin Activity stream now includes the ability to refresh and resize.

Out-of-the-box Excel exports, accessed from the Export menu, now support tags as an exportable field. 

The ability to include the item path as a field on items is now visible in List View and Reading View.

Test Run results field is now displayed in Reviews and Reading View.

Administrators managing reports now have the ability to limit access to run custom reports by user group.

The ability to batch lock and unlock items is now available in the Batch update window in List View or Reading View.

When hovering on a date field, the time and UTC offset are now visible.

Jama Connect Top Tasks survey

We'd love to hear which Jama Connect tasks are most important to you. Your responses will help us prioritize how we present the product in documentation and the UI, so that we can focus on the information that really matters to our customers.  

Click this link to take the survey: Top Tasks

Resolved issues

ID Description

Checking the license usage history no longer causes high CPU usage.

SOS-DEF-2700 You can no longer create a duplicate user when sending multiple "User Add" requests. 
SOS-DEF-2702 PUT & PATCH /v1/testruns/id call now updates the Execution Date with the correct date. 
SOS-DEF-2857 Updating multiple items with an existing pick list value now updates the date, versions the item, and logs the activity. 
SOS-DEF-4995 You can now run multiple Velocity reports simultaneously without producing an error.
SOS-DEF-5033 Velocity now retrieves change requests successfully. 
SOS-DEF-5043 You can now duplicate test plans.
SOS-DEF-5045 The Test Run execution window now closes when a default value is assigned. 
SOS-DEF-5048 Velocity now supports $relationship.getRelationshipType().getValue().get(0).
SOS-DEF-5049 Velocity now supports $
SOS-DEF-5051 Velocity now supports getRelationshipTypeList.
SOS-DEF-5053 In Admin, you can now scroll when you drag and drop a project.