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Jama Connect 8.57 Cloud Release Notes

By Chloe Elliott posted 12-16-2020 11:05


Release date US: 2020/12/18
Release date EU/AU: 2020/12/19

Configurable Date Formats 

Organization administrators can now configure the date format from the Organization Details page. The default setting is month/day/year, but can be changed to year/month/day or day/month/year as needed.

Redesign of Reviews and Stream Commenting 

This release introduces a new interface design and layout when you make comments in Reviews and the Stream.

Updates to Stream

  • Introduces a new "agree" interaction, so you can agree or like Stream comments by selecting the thumbs up icon. 
  • Displays a new interface layout and updated color scheme. 

Updates to Reviews

  • Streamlined process for moderators to resolve comment threads using a consistent resolve button and interaction. 
  • Changes to the "agree" or like interaction allow users to re-select the thumbs icon if they no longer agree with a comment. 
  • Displays a new interface design and layout. 

Workflow Updates

This release introduces an option that controls the items you version during a workflow transition. Previously, all transitions created a new version of the item, but now an organization administrator can configure an item type so that the version doesn't change. The audit history is preserved because the transition is recorded in the version history and that activity is added to the stream.

This update also addresses compliance concerns because an item can be marked "Approved" or "Complete" and locked without changing the version that was reviewed. By default, items are versioned during a workflow transition.


Baseline REST API Updates

  • The baseline model now includes the baseline key, source key, source ID, and source name, which can be accessed from the Jama Connect Public REST API. 
  • We continue to add more baseline options from the Jama Connect Public REST API. For example, from the new endpoint in the Labs API, you can now create a baseline from an existing source. 
  • You can now edit the name and description of a baseline from the Jama Connect Public REST API.

Baseline Updates

You can now resize the slide-out preview panel in the baseline List View and Reading View. 

A link is now added in the baseline header when a baseline is created from a review or a new revision of a review. Use the link to navigate to a specific review quickly.  

  • A long baseline name is now shortened with an ellipsis (...). 
  • If you hover over an icon in the baseline tree, you see hover text describing the contents of the item. 
  • If you hover over a name in the baseline tree, you see hover text describing the name of the folder, source, or baseline.


Archiving Pick List Values

Managing historical data has just gotten easier. Individual pick list options can now be archived, preserving previously selected entries. However, archived entries are no longer a valid selection for items going forward.

These entries can be filtered. We recommend adding a character or word to the beginning of the file name to indicate it has been archived. For example, *Information. 


Additional Audit Activities for Organization Administrators

Organization administrators can now view audit activities for these areas: 

  • Review Center  
  • License Update activity from Root Admin panel 
  • Reporting activities from the Root Admin panel 
  • Risk Management  
  • System Health Report  
  • Editor Template activities 
  • Stream  
  • Plug-ins
  • Org Details page, Java Date Time formatting 

Updates from Customer Feedback

  • When opening an item, the Explorer Tree now loads the item's location (same functionality as Actions > Find me).
  • In Single Item View, organization administrators can now unlock an item from its Actions menu. Previously, this button worked only for the person who originally locked the item.
  • The width of the Test Center's Cycle menu now allows for longer titles without having to resize the menu.
  • A PDF-compatible version of the Baseline Comparison report is now available.
  • You can now generate a Trace View from the Product Progress roll-up field link for a single item. 
  1. Select the roll-up field link. 
  2. Select Trace View.
  • You can now edit tags inline in List View. 

Resolved Issues

ID Description

If you select individual items for review, they now retain headings or hierarchical numbering. 


Filter and "Preview List" results now match when a rule is set for "All Item Types" and another rule is set for a different item type using the same filter. 

SOS-DEF-1668 You can now navigate to the Jama Software Community from the System Health Report. 
SOS-DEF-4313 You can now add a user email address with ".local" and ".lab" domains. 
SOS-DEF-4764 The number of items in the "Preview List" is now consistent with the filter results. 
SOS-DEF-4844 When you search for items with populated field values, the results no longer include items with empty field values. 
SOS-DEF-4910 MathType Editor equations are now correctly displayed in Edit mode when the equation is centered. 
SOS-DEF-4967 Links are now preserved when you save Velocity reports as PDF. 
SOS-DEF-5070 The "Advanced search" field now returns the expected results when you apply a filter. 
SOS-DEF-5108 Date and time stamps in Review comments now show the correct date values when using d/m/y format.



Known Issues

ID Description
SOS-DEF-5137 If you select a closed review, the closed date is formatted incorrectly.