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Built-in reports output cannot necessarily be changed via the root menu

By Carmen posted 10-01-2015 06:50

Although in general, it is possible to output BIRT- and Velocity-generated reports to different file formats (HTML, Word, PowerPoint, Excel, etc.), most Default Global Reports in Jama Software have not been designed to export to Excel and/or to Word. Here's a list of reports.

Although Jama Software comes preconfigured to output these reports in their compatible formats, System Admins (root user) sometimes modify these options in the Reports tab of the root menu. Please note that modifying these reports from their default settings may have unpredictable results and is not supported.

Examples of export errors associated with a wrong format setup are: "Error: java.lang.RuntimeException: Can't render report." and "The file is corrupt and cannot be opened." Please note that a misconfigured report is not the only scenario where these error messages can occur. If you are encountering these error messages and have not modified the report from the default settings, please contact Support for further assistance.



07-12-2016 15:40

Yay! I am so relieved to hear that.

07-12-2016 14:45

Updating to the newer BIRT environment took care of our problem!  Thank you Kristina.

07-07-2016 16:52

Good luck! Hopefully you can find the person. I know how hard these things can be to track down.

07-07-2016 15:40

Thank you for the reply.  I am currently looking internally to find the right person to help.

You have been very helpful!

07-07-2016 15:35

No, there is no way to view the settings on a report without admin permissions.

I checked previous tickets and it looks like this didn't get resolved with Victoria—she had provided another report developed by someone at your company but it was inconclusive (since we don't support custom reports). I looked at the code in that report and it looks like it was designed in an older BIRT environment that is not compatible with Jama 2015.1+.

This signals to me that your reports have not been upgraded to be compatible with newer versions of Jama. Instructions to do that are in this article. But again, this is likely not something you can do and would have to seek out who designed these reports at your company/who is supposed to maintain them...

07-07-2016 14:12

Thank you for the reply.  I do not have admin permission, so that limits me to what I can check.  Can I view a custom template without admin permission?

07-07-2016 12:33

The "Test Plan with Test Case Steps" is not a stock Jama report, so it's not necessarily in the scope of this article. That scope being, what could happen if changes are made to the stock reports. The Export to Word Default/boilerplate is going to control exports only when Export > Export to Word is selected, not when a particular report is selected. (And Dylan is a Jama employee.)

So, about your Test Plan with Test Case Steps report—I have a few questions.
1. Do you see this error with any of your other exports? (Try the Test Plan Summary)
2. Have you (or anyone else) successfully run this report before?
3. Are you running this report from within the Test Center area of Jama?
4. Do you have admin permissions? We should check the settings via Admin > Reports > Test Plan with Test Case Steps > Edit (a screenshot would be best)

If none of this helps clarify the situation, I would try to find out who the report creator at your company is and have them troubleshoot—they probably created this on a test environment. These custom reports are not supported, so we can provide only minimal assistance before referring you to our Services team, who can troubleshoot this (but at a cost).

07-06-2016 16:16

Hi.  Not sure if Victoria's question was answered.  I'm also seeing the "Can't Render Report" error when trying to generate a "Test Plan with Test Case Steps" using the "Office Templates" Export to Word Default All Projects template. I looked at the boiler plate Export to Word Default" template and it was last modified by  Dylan Gulick on 6/2/14 (not one of our employees). 

I don't think we're using anything custom.

what can I check and how can I get past this error?


02-01-2016 19:46

What issue are you encountering, Victoria? The gist of this article is that we do not recommend and cannot support adding report output types to the default global reports. Doing so may prompt the error message. What report prompts this error to occur? The first step would be looking at the relevant user guide page linked by Carmen and making sure that no other report types were added, and if they were, to uncheck those boxes.

02-01-2016 19:34

How do I fix this issue? Please help.