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Definition of Jama Software Default Items

By Carmen posted 04-17-2015 12:08


Requirement is a basic process or action that needs to be completed as part of the development of a product or process. 

Feature is an action or process that is part of the product or process in development.

Use Case is a set of steps that define an interaction between the users and a system (or between two different systems) towards a specific goal. 

Test Case is a set of conditions to determine if the parts of the product in development are working as planned.

Test Run records the necessary steps used to test a feature or process of the product in development.

Test Plan is a set of detailed objectives, considering a logical workflow of processes, for testing a specific part of the product. 

Test Cycle records the process of going though Test Runs for each revision of the product. 

Usage Scenario is a step by step description of possible product interactions. 

User Story is a set of functions to be delivered by a system or a requirement.

Epic is a broader story of how the product is meant to work, and is closely related to User Stories (which are usually downstream of an Epic).

Defect is a summary description of a part of the process or product that does not meet its purpose. 

Change Request is a description of part of a process or product to be modified, relying on procedures to be used towards that specific goal.

Text item is a very simple item, created to add context to the project. It can be created in any part of the Project tree. 

Set is a container that defines groups of items of a single item type. Sets can exist at the top of projects or beneath the components but cannot be created inside other sets. 

Folder is an organizational item meant to contain items. It can be created under sets or other folders.

Component is a top-level container that divides the project into its logical entities. It can have sub-components or contain sets of different item types.

Core is used to map "core" fields that can exist across the item types.


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04-17-2015 13:17

Which is exactly why we wrote this article ;) We tweak things in our environments too, and when the question comes up "What are the default items?", it's really hard to answer!

04-17-2015 12:49

This is useful, if only because we've tweaked things enough that I've lost track of what box-stock Jama looks like...