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Getting more insight into logging (specifically for API Calls)

By Carmen posted 06-26-2015 06:37

There are three main locations where you can find logs pertaining to​ the API and SOAP calls in Jama:

  • contour-api.log
  • contour-access.log
  • contour.log
All these are located in the [tomcat home]/logs/contour folder in versions 2015.5 and prior. For versions 8.0+, you can find the logs in Support > container > jamacore > files > var > log> tomcat >.

The contour-api.log will gather more information on API and SOAP calls, however, this is only available as of 2014.2. You can find some more API logging in the contour-access.log as well.

Additional content will be captured in the contour.log for every log entry as soon as Profiler and Access logging are enabled. As soon as you are done collecting the needed logs you should turn them off, otherwise logs will be growing really fast along with performance issues.

Both these features can be enabled in the root menu > Logging by the System Admin.

The Profiler will capture:
  • The user who submitted the call.
  • The organization the user belongs to.
  • The java thread id of the call.
  • The organization the user belongs to.
  • A stack trace of the call that includes processing time and memory usage of each trace.
The Access log will capture:

  • Date of the request.Server processing time to handle the request.
  • The user who submitted the request.
  • The organization id of the user who submitted the request.
  • The user session id of the user whom made the request.
  • The server address the request was made to.
Profiling can be identified in the log file as [jama.Profiler] package and Access log as [jama.AccessLog] package.