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How to add a or edit an Organization in Jama Software

By Carmen posted 04-17-2015 13:23

Due to some architectural changes in Jama Software, it is no longer possible to add multiple Organizations in the same Jama Software instance.

This change led to the removal of the “Add New Organization” option that existed in Jama Software versions previous to 2014.1.

You may be asking, how can I build my Organization's structure without being able to create a new Org?

There is an easier way to build your Organization within Jama Software, which is by editing the organization model that comes with Jama Software's on-premise installation. Editing the existing organization model in order to fulfill your Organization’s needs, can actually be easier than building it from scratch as you get a sense of how the structure is meant to

To start building your Organization in Jama Software you will need to sign in as root and navigate to Organizations > Edit > Organization Name.

The Organization name can be modified at any time, with no impact to the Organization’s Projects. The Organization name is mainly used for reporting purposes.

On Hosted instances the root user is managed by Jama Software, so in this case the Organization’s name will be modified upon the submission of a support ticket.