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How to Add Additional Moderators to a Review

By Carmen Santos posted 08-17-2015 12:18


Only a Moderator can add other Moderators to the Review.

To add Moderators, go to the Review tab of Jama Software and select the Table button on the far right. You will see a list of all your reviews and will be able to confirm your role either as a Moderator or as a Reviewer. 

Select the Update Moderators for this Review button next to the Review for which you want additional Moderators.

This can also be done while in a review via the Tools menu.

You will be able to search for the users and add them as Moderators by clicking their names in the left. They will automatically appear in the right.

In case you need to remove a Moderator, click the corresponding X on the list.

If you need to add Reviewers or Approvers to the Review, this can also be done through the Review's Table > Edit this Review button. 

This will open the Edit Review Wizard. 

In the Select Reviewers section, you will be able to add Reviewers. 

To set Approvers, you need to select the Check icon corresponding to the user you want as an Approver. 

The green checkmark will indicate which Reviewers can provide approval or ask for a new revision.



08-17-2015 13:00

Günther is always ready to be spung into action.

Though for my videos I normally use public domain sound tracks, for your land/aerial video of Kristina, She-Woman and the Masters of the Univese I might be tempted to use the copyrighted sound track.

08-17-2015 12:51

Morning, Swoo! And you're correct...I have the power to change this categorization (excuse me while I cue up the Masters of the Universe theme song). I think you make a good point—it would make more sense to post the articles as an Idea or Praise, that way we don't needlessly spring you and others into action ;)

Thanks for posting, Carmen!

08-17-2015 12:25

@Carmen, good morning and sharing for sharing. In the future, you might consider making your post as an "idea" or a "praise."

@Kristina, good morning. Hope you had a good weekend. I think only you as the Community Moderator can change the categorization of this post. Have a good day.

For people who are curious about other aspects of Review Center, please see User Guide, E-classes, or on-line videos. Here is a quick screenshot that shows what Org Admin can configure.