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How to overcome 500 error when users first access Jama Software

By Carmen posted 09-04-2015 21:09

If you are using Internet Explorer from outside the US, and you are getting an HTTP Status 500 error in place of Jama Software’s login page, this article is for you.

You are experiencing a bug, titled SOS-BUG-825, that was found in 2015.1 and is known to impact Internet Explorer 10 and 11. This bug was fixed in Express 8.0.2.

The reason you are getting this error is that Internet Explorer has no language set, so the workaround is to set the default language.

If you prefer, you may use Firefox or Chrome instead, since they are not impacted by this bug.

To set the Language in Internet Explorer  
  •  Open Internet Explorer.
  • Open Internet Options (by clicking on the gear icon top right and then selecting the option).
  • In the General tab select Appearance | Languages.
  • Add a language by clicking the Add button (e.g. en-US), and OK.