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How to prevent users from accessing Jama Software during maintenance (on-premises, Jama Software 2015.1+)

By Alexander posted 03-18-2015 13:45

When should I block access to Jama Software?
You should always conduct the following operations without an active userbase:

  • During installation or upgrade
  • During full reindex
  • When backing up the database to XML
  • When creating a .jama backup 
Depending on your needs, you may also want to block user access for making long-running, organization-wide updates such as:

  • Enabling or disabling workflows
  • Changing the Global ID prefix
How do I block access to Jama Software?
For Jama Software 2015.1 and onwards* a proxy server is required to block users' access. Using a proxy you can redirect the requests sent to Jama Software to a maintenance page. 

*A separate proxy server is still required for Jama Software 8.0.1. We will be including a method of blocking access using Jama Software 8's internal proxy server in a future version of Jama Software. Stay tuned.



04-14-2015 13:36

The solution is a nice alternative but it suffers from the same issue as other solutions. Having to stop/start tomcat for the changes to take affect is very hard. With the recent 2015.1 release and the process of it immediately starting the 2nd indexing process if you stop tomcat to allow users back in you break the reindexing process. What is really needed is the ability to turn on a maintenance mode if you are running jama on a single server with no proxy or load balancer.

03-19-2015 17:50

This isn't existing functionality in Jama, but it is a good idea—it would be quite efficient to have a maintenance mode.

Please reference the new conversation here: Create a toggle or option for Root user to put Jama in a "maintenance mode" to pr...

03-19-2015 06:37

Alexander, thanks for the explanation. It will help a lot when trying to solve some troubles. 

We have a structure that I'm responsible for JAMA administration, but our IT department hosts the database and the web-server. Therefore, I have to discuss every time with our IT guys just to do a re-index in the root-account or adapt a workflow.

Just as an idea, isn't it possible to give the root-user the possibility to turn on/off the access for all registered users. Like "Turn On Maintenance Mode". Then, only defined users are allowed to access their accounts (e.g. all organization admins). Other users get a "Sorry, maintenance" message.