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User with Manage Project permissions gets error when attempting to edit project permissions

By Carmen posted 09-18-2015 03:40

Jama Software support has identified a bug (MAIN-BUG-306/SOS-BUG-268) where Project Managers may see an incorrect warning when attempting to add a project group or edit permissions in a project.

This is known to happen when LDAP is enabled.

When the bug occurs, an alert shows the message "You don't have permission to perform this action." When this happens, Project Managers can select OK and they will be able to proceed with the changes.

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02-08-2016 14:13

Hi Victoria, you're on the notification list. We'll update this thread when the status on the bug changes.

02-05-2016 19:31

Hello Carmen, we are experiencing this error/warning message as well.  Can you please add us to the notification distribution list for when this bug MAIN-BUG-306/SOS-BUG-268 is resolved or if there is an update on status? Thank you, Victoria.

09-18-2015 10:14

Following as we've encountered this. Thanks!