What does the Fix URL References function actually do?

By Carmen posted 06-17-2016 11:30

When changing Jama Software’s URL, there is a system admin view (root user) option called Change URL which goes through all the references to the old URL in RTE fields and changes them. At times you might need an extra step which will fix URL references.

Change URL and Fix URL are very similar in what they do. They both update references to the "old URL" by replacing them with a "new URL" in items fields (Text Field, Text Box or URL) and comments.

The use case for Fix URL is when references to an external URL exist on items. For example, items are referring to an external server and that external server has a new URL. In such case unpredictable behaviours might occur, such as images not displaying in exports or login being prompt after URL redirection.

A possible symptom might be getting the following error when running exports:

Such error will be solved by fixing the URL References. 

This feature can be found under System Admin > Organizations.

Enter the old URL on the top text box and the new URL on the bottom one (this will be filled in automatically).

Jama Software will then update all the old URL occurrences.

The Fix URL References will NOT modify items in archived projects. It will also NOT change the URL used by Jama Software to connect to your database since that is stored in your database.properties file. The baseurl field is only updated in the database organization table by the Change URL option.