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By Eric Rickson posted 10-19-2015 16:43


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05-16-2017 10:23

Assuming we want to ensure that an on-premise Jama instance is within the engineering guidelines, can you provide some more details here as to how we confirm this?


  1. Are there any reports in Jama 2015.5 which provide these metrics? The "system health report" highlights individual projects which might be outside the per-project recommendations, but doesn't show per-instance summary numbers.

  2. If we have to derive these numbers ourselves, can it be queried via Velocity, or are direct database queries the only way?

  3. What qualifies as an "active record" or "active item" in Jama? Is this just items in the database DOCUMENT table with the ACTIVE column set to 'T', or do we need to account for records from other tables as well?