Project Resources: Roles & Responsibilities

By Eric posted 07-06-2015 19:44

Business/Executive Sponsor: This role is accountable for the success of Jama Software within the organization and has the authority to implement recommended process changes that may arise during this project. The primary role of this person is to ensure that the resulting implementation and deployment aligns with the organization’s strategic goals and business objectives. The Business/Executive Sponsor also acts as a point of escalation beyond the Implementation Project Lead if needed.

Implementation Project Lead: The Implementation Project Lead is the primary point of contact for the Client team and shall have day-to-day responsibility and authority for managing the overall deployment of the Jama Software solution within the organization.  This individual should understand your internal processes and be a strong supporter of incorporating Jama Software into these processes. Responsibilities include coordinating resources' scheduling and presiding over meetings; communicating and facilitating decisions; and informing Jama Software of issues or concerns.

Core Implementation Team: 
In addition to your Project Lead, your core users will work with your Jama Software Consultant to define how Jama will be used in your organization. They should understand your overall process and goals for implementing Jama Software and be empowered to represent the different teams that will use the tool. These team members should be able to dedicate approximately six to eight hours per week during the implementation in order to complete Jama Software training, participate in the implementation and work in Jama Software on your identified project(s).

Jama Business Administrator: 
The Jama Software Business Administrator will learn to configure your instance of Jama using the administrative functions and be responsible for ongoing configuration and administration of Jama Software.  This person should become a superuser within the organization who can support other users, as well as understand the impact of modifications to the system configuration and implement them as appropriate. This individual is heavily involved in the initial implementation and instrumental in governing configuration change management over time. (Note: This person may also be your Implementation Project Lead.)

IT/System Administrator(s): 
The IT/System Administrator(s) are responsible for the initial installation and setup of Jama Software within Client’s production environment including database, server and application configuration. Additionally, they are responsible for ongoing system administration including XML back-ups, indexing, upgrading, permissions, etc.  For Jama Software hosted customers, this role may be limited to user management.