Community Guidelines

By Kristina posted 11-07-2018 15:50


The Jama Support Community is a place for Jama users to engage and collaborate with Jama support engineers and other users.


1. Be yourself and create a profile.

Use the same email that you use when you correspond with Jama Support or Sales. This information will not be public; however, it will help us connect the dots. Likewise, signing up with your real name and identifying your company helps Support best help you. (Of course, if your employer has privacy concerns, you
need not make this information public). 

2. Look before you post.

There’s a good chance another user has made a post about the topic before your visit. Use the search bar to find out if there’s an existing topic that answers your question or would benefit from your contribution. Don't hesitate to post, no matter how minor the question!

3. Consider if your contribution contains any private information.

Search engines index the community content. If your question pertains to your specific environment or if there is any chance it might reveal your company’s
intellectual property, or anyone’s personal information, do not post it here. Submit a support ticket instead.

4. Create valuable content.

The community exists for users to ask and answer questions, make suggestions and share processes. Posts that are not conducive to these ends (e.g. if they are
inflammatory, repetitive, trolling or sales-related) could be removed at our sole discretion.

5. Understand the implications of taking advice.

As with any publicly available support forum, Jama permits customers, partners and other third parties to post information, answers and files with the intent of helping the community as a whole.  However, as we do not control these posts and we do not validate their substance, any reliance upon them is at your own risk.


01-27-2015 17:20

Bob—great question, and I understand the possible hesitance. This forum is open to the extent that you are not required to register if you want to look—we're not creating a gated community. Logging in is required only for posting (and special access forums your company may have access to). The GetSat login can be used in other GetSat communities if you "join" them (really, just a mouse click).

At this point any vetting is going to be done manually by me—I will delete questionable user accounts if we can't confirm they are a Jama customer.

01-27-2015 13:20

Thanks for getting this rolling!

Question:  To what extent is this forum open to other GetSat users?

I gather this is a somewhat "closed" forum, but it seems I registered without being "vetted" in any way.   On the "Community Home" page (linked in the upper left), it says we have 17 members which is obviously much smaller than GetSat in general.   The "openness" may affect the way I post...