Migrating servers using the XML backup or JAMA file

By Jama Software posted 01-10-2019 17:21

  1. Login as the "root" user and go to the backup tab, download an XML backup file. If you are migrating from a contourhosted server, Jama will send you a .jama file.
  2. Create an empty database on MySQL, SQL Server or Oracle named "contour" The command for doing this on MySQL: create database contour character set utf8;
  3. Start a new install of Contour using our latest version and installation guide.
  4. When prompted: Be sure to point your install to your new, empty database.
  5. When prompted to "populate database" on the install, instead of using the "use default data" option: point your instance to the XML or JAMA file you downloaded, this will populate your database. 
  6. Continue to follow the prompts; if you receive an error during the process please copy the message and forward it to support@jamasoftware.com
 (Originally posted by Ryan Saul)