Migrating servers using the XML backup or JAMA file

By Jama posted 4 days ago

  1. Login as the "root" user and go to the backup tab, download an XML backup file

  2. If you are migrating from a contourhosted server, Jama will send you a .jama file.

    Create an empty database on MySQL, SQL Server or Oracle named "contour"

  3. Command for doing this on MySQL: create database contour character set utf8;

    Start a new install of Contour using our latest version and installation guide. When installing, use "For all other configurations"; do not use the Windows evaluation or any default data buttons.
    Be sure to point your install to your new, empty database when prompted
    When prompted to "populate database" on the install, instead of using the "use default data" option, instead point your instance to the XML or JAMA file you downloaded, this will populate your database. 
  4. Continue to follow the prompts; if you receive an error during the process please copy the message and forward it to support@jamasoftware.com

 (Originally posted by Ryan Saul)