How to fix the User Login and Visual Utilization Reports

By Dana posted 04-29-2019 15:44


The User Login Report and the Visual Utilization Report have been updated on our Community-Reports repo on Github.  To apply these updates you can upload the new reports from Github or manually fix them by following the steps below.

There is a known issue where BIRT reports that include charts will fail when attempting to open with MS Word due to a library dependency that is not compatible with recent Java updates. The reports are still accessible when viewed with the HTML option.

The embedded version of BIRT, which is the SQL reporting engine included in Jama Connect, requires a feature that was deprecated in Java 4 and was not included in the OpenJDK 8 delivered with Jama Connect 8.31.2. Jama Software supplied out-of-box reports have had a small update applied that will remove the Java dependency for BIRT.

Customers that have developed their own custom BIRT reports will need to make updates if their reports align with the described issue. Update the output format from "SVG" to "PNG" within any .rptdesign file that creates a chart as part of the report.

How to fix the reports:

Navigate to Admin > Reports > Edit (edit the code in the .rptdesign file.)

<property name="outputFormat">SVG</property>

<property name="outputFormat">PNG</property>

and save the report.