Incremental Step Upgrade for Jama 8.x and Beyond - Self-Hosted

By Decoteau posted 10-16-2020 08:03


For upgrades with older versions of Jama prior to 8.x (such as 2015) please visit Education > System Administration for more information.

Incremental Step Upgrade for Jama 8.x and Beyond - Self-Hosted 

We recommend performing incremental upgrades to each major version change before proceeding to our latest release. There have been many changes between your version and our most recent release that need to be applied to the different major versions of Jama.

We have found the following path of upgrades to be the most successful for customers upgrading: 

Version 8.x > 8.36 > 8.49.3 > 8.56.1 (see Release Notes)

Important considerations: 

  • We recommend following standard upgrade procedures. in between each step. For example:
    • First check to see if you need to run a curl, specified in the Admin Notes of the Release Notes. 
    • Log into your Jama Console, select the desired version and upgrade.
    • Log into your Jama Root menu and Reindex.
    • Log back into your Jama Console, select the next desired version and upgrade. 
    • Log back into your Jama Root menu and Reindex again. 
    • Repeat these steps until you have reached the desired version. 
    • If you decide to stop at one of these versions, please make sure to check for any hotfix versions. Hotfixes are made to fix bugs for any for any particular release.
    • Most of our upgrades require landing on the .00 version of any release before upgrading to a hotfix version of that release, with the exception of 8.56.1 (there is no .00 version for this release.) 
    • Please see the Notes for Self-Hosted Administrators in our Community Release Notes. This is suggested as each step upgrade will require a specific set of required actions for a successful upgrade. For example, there is a Replicated and docker host script HERE that must be run before upgrading to 8.49.1 and beyond. This script is not required with 8.49.3+.

      Tips for users:

      • If possible, we suggest performing upgrades on a test instance first. 
      • We recommend taking a backup of your instance in the event that your instance crashes during the upgrade.
      • Schedule the upgrade when all of your users  are logged off and where there is minimal traffic on the server hosting your Jama instance.
      • If you have anymore questions, you're welcome to open a ticket and request to schedule a one hour call to review the upgrading process. We recommend that a  Named Support Contact and the person performing the actual upgrade be on the call.