Jama Connect 8.61 Cloud Release Notes

By Decoteau posted 25 days ago


Release date US: 2021/04/23

Release date AU/EU: 2021/04/24

Introducing multi-mode authentication 

The combination of Basic and SAML creates multi-mode authentication, which gives you the ability to separate your company's users from your partners, vendors, and contractors. Multi-mode authentication provides an extra layer of protection for those users so they can be part of the requirement, approval, and tracking process in Jama Connect.

 Contact Support to enable it. 

Review center and workflow enhancements

Review center now includes templates for Approval and Peer reviews. This change provides a new way to transition items when an approver finalizes a review. By adding templates, we streamline the review configuration workflow to ensure reviews are up to date and compliant.    

 The Add review status workflow option has been replaced with Approval and Peer review templates

To use this feature, organization administrators must enable an Approval review in Review center settings. 

Once enabled, select 
Organization | Workflow, then select the items you want to transition when finalizing an Approval review.

New administration roles

We're excited to announce the release of the new Jama Connect administration roles: user admin, process admin, and add project. The new roles help alleviate the challenges that sometimes occur for organization admins working in an enterprise environment. Managing users and configurations can be an overwhelming task, potentially introducing risk if the organization admin role is assigned to a lot of users. 

User administrator

The user administrator role manages licenses, users, and groups. This role can be assigned to an individual or a group. The user admin must also be a project admin to set permission for users and groups.  

Process administrator

The process administrator role focuses on configuring content and connections in Jama Connect. The process admin must also be a project admin or user admin to access projects, users, groups, and permissions.

Add Project

The add project role is a new role that allows lets users add projects outside of the organization admin role. Users/groups will also have the ability to duplicate projects where they are a project admin.

For more information, see New administration roles and user visibility controls.


User and group visibility updates

Improved filtering for users and groups

Users and groups associated with items, comments, and notifications are now only visible to those with project access. Controlled by permissions, users no longer receive assignments or notifications for content they can't access. 

New settings

Allow project administrators access to all users and organization groups

In project groups or permissions, organization admins can give project admins the ability to add users outside of their project. You can find the new setting here: Admin > Organization > Details.

Enable new comments in global Stream

Creating new comments from the global Stream page (accessed from the Jama Connect header) is disabled by default. Most organizations prefer to limit access to all users and groups in Jama Connect. Users can continue to reply to comments in the global Stream, but @mention is now filtered by the project associated with the original comment. You can find the new setting here: Admin > Organization > Stream.

REST API — New permissions for GET/users and GET/usergroups

To reduce the exposure of users and user groups, additional permissions are applied to limit these calls to organization and user admins. A new project ID parameter now provides access for project admins.

  • Access to GET/users and GET/usergroups will require organization or user admin roles. The user admin role is new in Jama Connect 8.61. Project admins can continue to use these endpoints, but will be required to provide a project ID where they are a project admin.
  • Access to GET/users/{userId} and GET/usergroups/{id} will now perform a permissions check, ensuring the requesting user has access to the same project as the requested user or user group.

 Updates from customer feedback

  • A new reports history page lists previously generated reports with the option to download them. Available from Reports in the Jama Connect header, reports now run in the background so your screen isn't blocked when you run them.

  • You can now edit a Test Cycle's name, description, and date fields without updating its content.