Jama Connect 8.63 - Cloud

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Release date US: 2021/07/23

Release date AU/EU: 2021/07/24


The Jama Connect header gets a new look

This release continues the introduction of a new interface design for the Jama Connect content headers. For a consistent and organized user experience, we created a standardized design pattern to make actions and views more visible. Buttons replace drop-down menus and interactive links (breadcrumb navigation) now indicate the location in your project hierarchy. 

The header is divided into two sections:

  • Views — Information and actions that relate to the presentation of your data. 
  • Actions — The things you can do with the currently displayed content. 

Where can I see it? 

The new header design now also appears in Single Item View, List View, and Reading View. Previously, it was first introduced to Baselines. In a future release, this design will also be available in Reviews and Trace View. 


Usability improvements

  • You can now resize review comment windows. 


Updates from customer feedback

  • In List View, you can now remove tags when you bulk edit items.


Resolved issues

ID Description

When you batch edit items from filter results, you can no longer update release and tag values from another project.

SOS-DEF-5138 When the rich text editor is maximized, the formatting bar and header are now correctly displayed.
SOS-DEF-5153 You can now save and add another item from Single Item View.

You can now delete your reports from the Reports History. 


When you export a Word document from a review, numbered lists are now displayed in sequential order. 

SOS-DEF-5449 Admin users can override workflow at the project level.  
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5 days ago

Release notes have been updated to show inclusion of three additional resolved issues:  SOS-DEF-5138, SOS-DEF-5153, and SOS-DEF-5449.