Creating a Backup of your Jama Instance when Moving to Hosted

By Elden Williams posted 04-29-2016 02:32

Before proceeding with this article make sure you have read and reviewed our article on moving from on-premises to hosted. You must be running the most recent version of Jama before you proceed.

When you are migrating from your on-premises environment to our hosted environment you will need to give us a backup of your system. To do this you will need to collect a .jama file that is generated through your Jama instance.

The first thing you will need to do when getting your backup is to log into your instance as a root user. 

On the Backup tab, select the option Save Database Backup File and Attachment Files as a Combined .jama File to Server.

When you select the Save .jama File to Server button, you are asked to confirm that you wish to take a backup.

Once you confirm, you will see a message showing you the backup name and location. The amount of time a backup takes depends on the size of your dataset and the accompanying data folders. The file will appear in /data/contour/backup​ when complete.