Issues to be aware of if you use a firewall or proxy server

By Elden posted 11-17-2015 23:39

While the actual configuration of proxy servers and firewalls falls outside of the Jama scope of support, there are a few common things you should be aware of if you use one. 

Welcome Screen Video
The welcome video on the welcome screen in Jama is hosted externally at You may need to make an exception for that website in addition to Jama. We have encountered instances where users who were configured to show the welcome screen at login were unable to log into Jama because of the blocked welcome video.
Images linked from another website
It is possible to encounter issues sending email if you have items within a Jama instance that use images linked from another web site behind a firewall and are using Enhanced Image Security. This is because when Jama is generating the email, it is unable to reach the images but it keeps trying to do so, tying up the email system. Due to changes with EIS, this issue is not present in Jama 8.0+.

IP exception for hosted customers
If you are integrating Jama with any on-premises servers such as JIRA, you may need to create an exception for the IP address of your hosted instance. Check with Jama support if you need help finding your IP address.
URL Rewriting
Proxy servers can be configured to perform URL rewriting. This can cause problems accessing things in Jama, as Jama often uses the original URL to retrieve data. If the URL has been transformed, Jama may not find what it is looking for resulting in unpredictable behavior. You should configure your proxy server not to perform any kind of URL rewriting for Jama.