Jama Connect 8 Architecture and Deployment Model

By Emerald Ressler posted 06-21-2018 15:15


For almost ten years the Jama application architecture remained unchanged. With the release of Jama Connect 8 we introduced a significant change to the platforms architecture and deployment model. This article will describe the changes and benefits of Jama's updated platform.

Previously, on-premises customers had to install and configure every element of the Jama platform. The new deployment model reduces the administrative overhead by automating the Jama Connect application installation and configuration through virtualization technology. 

Please note: services shipped with the Jama application cannot be altered (e.g. customers cannot install a preferred version of Tomcat or Java.)

The new Jama Connect 8 architecture is built on a service-based architecture that enables our Engineering team to build a more scalable solution. 

This automation is possible with two new technologies, Docker and Replicated. Docker is virtualization technology that enables you to wrap pieces of software into “containers”. Replicated is a container-based orchestration technology that allows SaaS vendors to automate the installation and configuration of applications.

The new architecture has several immediate benefits:

  • Reduced administrative overhead by automating Jama Connect Installation using Replicated
  • Streamlined upgrades, as updating Jama Connect will automatically update dependencies like Tomcat and JavaEffective service management including service configuration, monitoring, and logging
  • Additional scaling options for customers with extra large datasets

 Each container takes care of different tasks. Jama Connect 8 consists of six docker containers. These containers include:

  • Jama Core - Runs the main Java application responsible for the majority of functionality
  • Search Service - Brokers the connection between the Jama Core and Elastic Search Service
  • Elastic Search - Contains the search index data. Starting in Jama Connect 8.10 this service can be moved to a remote server. See Introduction to Remote Elasticsearch for additional information
  • Nginx - Handles SSL, SSL certs, SSL redirects and load balancing to transition tenant aware services
  • Tenant Manager - Handles provisions, restores, upgrades and sets license during application startup
  • Diff Service - Available as of Jama Connect 8.25, this service compares differences between any two versions in review center

 The Replicated service consists of three main docker containers

  • Replicated - The underlying Replicated Daemon. Controls communication between Operator agents 
  • Replicated-Operator -  The operator service. This runs on all hosts in a cluster and communicates with the "Master" running the daemon
  • Replicated-UI - The User Interface, i.e. Admin Console Dashboard

The diagram below shows the main Replicated and Jama containers that make up the Jama Connect 8 architecture.


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