What’s New in Jama Connect 8.48!

By Emily posted 17 days ago




We are excited to announce several enhancements to the latest release of Jama Connect for our Cloud customers, available today, March 13.  

First off, we’ve updated the way you manage your Baselines, to provide greater efficiency and flexibility for the way you need to setup projects.  You can now:  

  • Create, edit, and delete folders for your baselines 
  • Drag and drop baseline sources and folders moving them from one location in the tree to another or reorder them as needed   
  • Rename Baseline sources to match the needs of your projects, naming sources is now completely customizable     

We also have several new updates based on Customer Feedback in this release.   

When you’re trying to relate items in a project, previously it was unclear in the Relate Item(s) window which items you could relate, based on the relationship rules. Now, the set level is grayed out only if all items within it are not relatable. This prevents you from having to open each set or component, saving you time.  

We’ve also updated how you can refresh the Explorer Tree, now when you hit refresh the Explorer Tree maintains the architecture of where you last left off, saving you time and headache to find the information you need.  There is also some additional user friendliness to the way you hover over items in the Explorer Tree, you can now see both see the description and the item type, making it easier to identify the information you need without needing to change how your windows are setup.   

Lastly in Test Management, we’ve created more visibility for Test Case IDs in the test execution table, placing the Test Case ID in front of the name, making it easier to reference as you run test cycles.   


Want to know more about 8.48?  Check out the What’s New Video and full Release Notes.