Steps and considerations for moving from Jama Software On-premises to Hosted (SaaS)

By Eric posted 05-04-2015 17:56

Here are the major steps and some key considerations for migrating your local installation of Jama Software to Jama Software's hosted service.
  • Plan to upgrade to the latest Standard release of Jama Software when the version aligns with the Hosted environment (approximately twice a year)
  • Jama Software offers professional services to help upgrade if you need assistance
  • Complete any required internal approvals / clearance to move your data to Jama Software’s hosted service and any contractual changes with Jama Software
  • Determine when you want to complete your migration and work with Jama Software to schedule an available migration service window)
  • Communicate your plan internally and ensure your end users understand planned periods of system downtime that may be required (4-8 hours depending on size)
    • This is usually a good time to also provide the new URL where they will login after the migration
    • We also recommend putting a redirect in place to help those who miss the communication
    • Also, it is important to have a back out plan in case things don’t go as planned
  • Identify if you are using any of Jama Software’s integrations, LDAP or custom reports. Jama Software will provide additional guidance in preparation for the migration if any are used
  • Secure access to an administrator (with Root access) who can obtain a backup of your Jama Software installation
  • Identify a preferred file transfer method (e.g.
  • Migration Dry run: obtain backup of Jama Software when people are not using the system and send files to Jama Software via file share. Jama Software will let you know when the process has been completed for you to verify 
  • Migration Production run: same process but this step will require down time for your users while we import the data 
  • Verify that everything is as expected and enable your redirect to Jama Software hosted
  • Consider running internal briefings to orient users (especially important if you are currently using an older version of Jama Software)