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Can I Export a Whole Project? If Not, What Are My Options?

By Gustavo Flores posted 01-18-2016 11:34


A common question we receive in Support is whether or not it's possible to export an entire project. There is no way to readily export all of a project's data, including its settings, hierarchy, image, and attachments, for use in another Jama instance. However, you can export all of the items in a project. There are two ways of exporting the project. If you intend to export the project to a List View so that it can be re-imported into another Jama instance, the best way to do it would be through an Excel file export. If you want the export to be used as documentation, the best way is by using a Word document export.

Exporting a Project to Excel
If you intend on exporting items to Excel for import to another project, you should export sets of different item types separately, as you won’t get all fields properly organized if you export all the project's items at once. Jama imports can only process one item type at a time.

  • Select a set you want to export in the left explorer pane.

  • On the vVew pane, select List View.

  • Configure the List View and add all pertinent fields.

  • Select Export to Excel in the export drop down.
  • Repeat the process for each set of items you want to export.

Exporting a Project to Word
  • Select the Project you want to export in the left explorer pane.


  • In the project home page, above the dashboard, select View to populate all items.


  • Select Office Templates in the Export drop-down.
  • Select All Item Details, tick the relationships and tags, if needed. Select Run.


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