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Logging Levels and Tomcat Restart

By Gustavo Flores posted 05-01-2015 13:59


The logging tool is instrumental in diagnosing issues with your Jama instance. The logs can be generated by logging into the Admin Console > Support > Download Support Bundle.

Setting the logging levels in the System Administration view under the Logging tab will stay set only until Tomcat is restarted or you hit reset on the top right corner. These options should be changed only when you need to debug an issue. There are six debug levels and each level will contain the information from itself and the levels below it. The levels from the lowest to the highest are OFF, FATAL, ERROR, WARN, INFO and DEBUG.

There are six different levels of logging you can assign:

If you need to set permanent logging levels in Jama, the file needs to be edited; the file is located under /data/log4jconfig.

When editing the file be aware that the logging levels are case sensitive. After making the changes to the file, you don't need to restart your Tomcat. Just go to the logging tab in the System Administration view and select reset.

Here is what the levels look like: